Joaquin Phoenix Freaked Out While Filming Sex Scene With Scarlett Johansson In Oscar-Winning Movie

Joaquin Phoenix Freaked Out While Filming Sex Scene With Scarlett Johansson In Oscar-Winning Movie
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Intimate scenes can be hard even for such acclaimed actors as Joaquin Phoenix.

Her became Spike Jonze's first movie with his own screenplay.

The movie about the romance between a man and an operating system that has a consciousness based on the collective experience of millions of programmers, is itself similar to a universal program that accumulates the desires, pains, phobias, and experiences of millions of viewers.

The story revolves around a divorced man, Theodore, played by the incomparable Joaquin Phoenix.

His character spends his days at work, uninterested in anything or anyone. After separating from his wife, Theodore decides to leave the familiar world and enter the virtual one.

One day, out of boredom, he decides to install a virtual girlfriend application created on the basis of artificial intelligence.

From now on, the whole movie is built around the relationship between a man and a virtual girlfriend, Samantha.

Her won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and once again made us think about the ethical and emotional issues associated with the advent of artificial intelligence.

However, turned out, filming with such an eccentric actor as Joaquin Phoenix was not entirely smooth.

Scarlett Johansson who gave her voice to Samantha opened up about filming her toughest scene with Joaquin Phoenix. There was some kind of a love scene in which actors had to portray strong passion.

According to the actress, she somehow tuned in to the right sounds, but every time she got close to portraying a climax moment, Phoenix began to get embarrassed and the frame failed again and again.

"You definitely don't want to hear what you sound like having a fake orgasm. […] Joaquin comes in, we try to get through one take and he was, like, losing it. He was like 'I can't do it. […] He was so upset about it. He left the studio, and now I'm in this box by myself and I'm like, 'I can't do it alone. I need him to come back," the actress shared in her interview with Armchair Expert.

Later, the actor pulled himself together and the unfortunate scene was filmed. Despite the difficulties, the performance of the actors was highly appreciated.

There have been many attempts in cinema to make the operating system more human.

However, most movies about the future have one similar problem – they show a future world with only one change – cyborgs of the human species exist in it, and everything else looks exactly the same.

Her goes one step further – it shows a world in which a sudden jump to an operating system of this level does not seem too abrupt and simply implausible.

Source: Armchair Expert