Just How Big is 'Andor' Budget per Episode?

Just How Big is 'Andor' Budget per Episode?
Image credit: Legion-Media

As fans praise 'Andor' as the first TV show that feels like a cinematic masterpiece, it is only natural to wonder how much did it cost to achieve that.

'Rogue One' prequel 'Andor ' is ground-breaking for the Star Wars universe for many reasons. Not only does it set a grimmer tone and develops a more mature story, but also it is described by many as a TV show that feels like a movie.

Even before the show's release, many fans have been noting that 'Andor' looks like it got a budget thrice bigger than 'Obi-Wan Kenobi ' managed to get (the latter has been frequently compared to a fan movie rather than a professional production). While there is no official data revealing 'Andor's budget, many reports have alleged that it might be comparable or even the same as 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' and 'The Mandalorian ' had. According to Comicbook, 'The Mandalorian' enjoyed a $120 million budget, and 'Obi-Wan Kenobi', per LRM Online, cost $150 million.

If such suggestions are true, then 'Andor's budget per episode could be between $15 million and $25 million. But the way the TV series looks is not always about the budget, but rather about how the money was spent.

For instance, showrunner Tony Gilroy has told Empire that 'Andor' chose not to rely on the Stagecraft technology, opting for "old-school" way of things instead.

The production for the show was practical, with the crew demonstrating little to no reliance on CGI. The actors, however, were pleased with how that worked out as they had to interact with real stuff which essentially made things feel more authentic.

The result seems to have paid off: fans are already praising 'Andor's visuals, arguing that it is the most cinematic thing in the 'Star Wars' portfolio since 'The Last Jedi'. The realism of the show has already had fans saying on Reddit that it is "in tune with what it would be like to just be a normal civilian living in this universe".

Interesting fact: 'Andor' has the same production designer, Luke Hull, as HBO's 'Chernobyl'. According to fans, "you can tell" that, what with the grim vibe and nearly a post-apocalyptic atmosphere emanating from every single piece used on set.

The darker tone, bold decisions when it comes to worldbuilding, and rejection of modern technologies such as Stagecraft appear to be working for 'Andor' so far. The show will consist of 12 episodes that will be released weekly through late November on Disney Plus.