Keanu Reeves’ Childhood Dream Is Also MCU’s Most Perfect Cast

Keanu Reeves’ Childhood Dream Is Also MCU’s Most Perfect Cast
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The actor’s childhood dream still lives on.


  • Many fans have been foreseeing Keanu Reeves ’s appearance in the MCU, but so far there hasn’t been any sign that the actor will join one of the famous franchises.
  • Nonetheless, Reeves has recently revealed that there’s one particular role in Marvel’s universe that he has wanted to play since he was 10 years old.
  • The actor also shared some thoughts about his chances to take up another MCU’s role, but quickly dismissed it by saying he’s too old for it now.

Over the years the MCU has brought a lot of then-unknown actors to international fame by letting them land significant roles in the company’s superheroes’ universe.

And though Marvel movies wouldn’t probably make John Wick ’s actor Keanu Reeves even more famous than he currently is, fans have been predicting Reeves’s potential career boost in the MCU for a while now.

So far the actor never got to play in any famous franchise from Marvel — but it doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t like to.

In one of his recent interviews Keanu Reeves was asked whether he would want to appear in the MCU and in which role — and then the actor revealed that the 10-year-old version of himself would like to play Ghost Rider implying that the role was his childhood dream.

Such a confession may come at a right time for Keanu Reeves with the MCU’s inexhaustible energy for all kinds of reboots. It becomes even more possible with the series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. being made canon and thus having a necessity for Ghost Rider’s character to make a return.

Reeves also said that he would love to portray Wolverine, whose role already famously belongs to Hugh Jackman ever since 2000, — though the John Wick’s actor admits that this probably may never happen as he’s too old for the role and it’s obviously too late.

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But even with low chances for Wolverine, Keanu Reeves still comes as an excellent fit for Ghost Rider’s role given that the actor’s filmography is full of examples of his vast experience with blockbusters and action movies.

If the MCU gets to take notice of Reeves as a potential Johnny Blaze, but his older self acting as a mentor for a younger Ghost Rider, there wouldn’t be a more perfect candidate.

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