Kevin Costner’s First Ever Western Ties In With His Latest One In the Best Way Possible

Kevin Costner’s First Ever Western Ties In With His Latest One In the Best Way Possible
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The story comes full circle.


  • While viewers may still be confused about Kevin Costner 's status on the final season of Yellowstone, there is one project of his that we can certainly look forward to.
  • Horizon: An American Saga is a western two-parter that Costner created, wrote, directed and starred in.
  • Looking back on his career, Costner compares the excitement of Horizon to the emotions he felt making his first western, Silverado.

Although there is a certain amount of bitterness that comes with every Yellowstone update these days, considering how beloved the show was and how quickly it had to end due to an on-set conflict, fans can't be too upset. Especially when Kevin Costner was the main reason they watched the show in the first place.

The actor may not be John Dutton anymore, but he is certainly not giving up on the Western genre as a whole. Horizon: An American Saga, to be released in two parts in June and August 2024, is proof of that.

What Was Kevin Costner’s First Western?

One of the most important things for the actor, just like for any other person in the world, is to get fulfillment out of whatever he is working on, no matter how good the money is or how critically acclaimed the project ends up being: if the actor really believes in something, he will be happy to be a part of it.

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According to the actor himself, he's dreamed of starring in a western since he was a young boy. That is why his involvement in 1985's Silverado was so important.

Costner shared some heartwarming sentiments about his first movie about the Wild West in an Instagram post.

Produced and directed by Lawrence Kasdan, Silverado wasn't exactly a blockbuster commercial success, but it was generally well-received by critics and was even nominated for Best Sound and Best Original Score at the 58th Academy Awards. For Costner, however, it was the inspiring sense of accomplishment that made it so memorable.

The same feeling he now gets from the Horizon saga. Even though making these movies wasn't exactly a childhood dream of his, it's something he's been working towards for decades, so to be this close to sharing it with the world must be just as exciting as it was almost 40 years ago.

“I have that same joy right now, working on Horizon. The story we’re telling has been on my heart for nearly two decades and it’ll be yours in just a couple of months. I hope you’ll love it like I do,” the actor wrote.

If you are interested in watching Horizon: An American Saga, be sure to save the dates for both chapters, June 28, 2024 and August 16, 2024.