Kevin Smith Predicts The Biggest MCU Threat To Come

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'Clerks' director has nothing to do with the MCU, but he has some great ideas about where the superhero saga is headed in the near future.

As is well known, Kevin Smith is a huge comic book fan, and given that he even wrote several comic books for Marvel at one time, his opinion on the MCU is definitely more than valuable. Smith is certainly following the franchise very closely, as his recent judgments about the future of Kevin Feige's venture are completely in line with what some prominent insiders are now saying. Speaking with Forbes about the upcoming 'Clerks 3' movie, Smith didn't hesitate to show his love for the MCU by predicting the next big villain who could appear in the universe and cause chaos far greater than Altron or Thanos ever did.

"Well, there's a part of me that feels Galactus because they want to bring FF (Fantastic Four) in a big, bad way. But I don't know, man. Maybe Galactus is on the way to that, or maybe one is on the way to Galactus because Galactus, in terms of a world-ending threat like Thanos, is about as big as that gets in Marvel. This is a character that eats whole planets, a world-ender of sorts," Smith said.

Yes, it seems that the legendary director really wants this extremely powerful villain to finally appear in the MCU, and fans certainly agree with that sentiment. However, some feel that Galactus should go his own way in the franchise and not be compared to Thanos, who was diligently teased long before he actually appeared.

"In my opinion, Galactus isn’t the type of villain that should be set up like Thanos or Kang, he should just appear in the second or third Fantastic Four film out of nowhere. Maybe Marvel could hint at him here and there, but nothing too obvious so most of the general audience wouldn’t pick up on it in their initial viewing." – /Night-Monkey15.

And since Galactus may already be on his way to destroy Earth, fans can finally rejoice in the appearance of another character, the Silver Surfer, whose presence in the MCU many are eagerly awaiting.

"If it gets played up as the next Endgame, there could be a fun callback where the Silver Surfer finds Dr. Strange and says "He's coming... Galactus is coming!" and Dr. Strange gets to say "Who?" with a cut to the Avengers logo. Would kinda be nice since Silver Surfer was originally supposed to be one who warns people about Thanos in the comics, but he was a Fox property at the time." – /archer_cartridge.

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