Kill Bill's Gogo Yubari Is All Grown Up: How Chiaki Kuriyama Looks Now at 38

Kill Bill's Gogo Yubari Is All Grown Up: How Chiaki Kuriyama Looks Now at 38
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Kill Bill is a cult classic film that has stood the test of time, without a doubt.

The movie remains a popular favorite to this day as it's known and appreciated for its unique blend of martial arts, revenge, and unforgettable characters, one of whom is the iconic Gogo Yubari, played by the talented actress Chiaki Kuriyama.

Now, over 18 years later, fans of the film are curious to know how Kuriyama looks today at 38 years old and what she has been up to.

Japanese actress Chiaki Kuriyama first gained widespread recognition for her role in the 2000 film Battle Royale.

Her standout delivery garnered critical acclaim and caught the attention of renowned director Quentin Tarantino. Impressed by her skills in the movie, Tarantino cast Kuriyama in his 2003 movie Kill Bill Vol.1 as Gogo Yubari, the formidable teenage assassin who worked for O-Ren Ishii, the head of the Japanese Yakuza.

Kuriyama's portrayal of the cold-blooded killer with a schoolgirl uniform and a menacing ball and chain weapon was both terrifying and fascinating and left a lasting impression on audiences.

Gogo Yubari is undoubtedly a memorable highlight, particularly in the climactic battle scene with actress Uma Thurman's character.

The intense fight sequence between the two actresses was widely praised for its incredible action and breathtaking stunts. In fact, the scene was so impressive that it won the Best Fight Award at the 2004 MTV Movie Awards, further cementing Kuriyama's status as a rising star in the film industry.

Fun fact: During one take of the fight scene, Kuriyama swung her menacing flail weapon with such force that she accidentally hit Tarantino on the head, who was standing near the camera.

Fortunately, despite the force of the blow, Tarantino remained relatively unscathed.

Kuriyama's performance in Kill Bill Vol.1 helped establish her as one of Japan's most promising actresses and opened up opportunities for her to work on more high-profile projects in Japan.

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Since her breakthrough role in the film, Kuriyama has continued to have a successful career in both film and television, starring in numerous Japanese productions, such as the ninja drama Azumi 2: Death or Love and The Great Yokai War.

Apart from her acting career, Kuriyama has also tried herself out as a singer. The several singles she has released have been used in a variety of film and television productions, such as Yorinuki Gin Tama-san and Level E.

With her wide range of talents and an impressive track record in the entertainment industry, it's safe to say that this actress won't be out of work anytime soon, and her continued success is a testament to her hard work.