Killing Off George Sr Would Ruin Young Sheldon Completely

Killing Off George Sr Would Ruin Young Sheldon Completely
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What if George Sr. didn't die?

Over the course of its six seasons, Young Sheldon has gradually diverged from its parent show, The Big Bang Theory.

The focus shifted from Sheldon to the entire Cooper clan, and instead of one beloved character, fans were given the entire family, each member deserving of their own screen time and audience love.

This change inevitably presented some challenges for the writers of the prequel.

Though they served as one-dimensional attachments to the genius physicist in The Big Bang Theory, the Cooper family gained depth and complexity in Young Sheldon.

It turned out that Missy is not just Sheldon's "contentious twin sister," that Georgie's character is not limited to being his "idiot brother," and that Mary and George Sr.'s relationship is not just "imploding."

Instead of fighting all the time and traumatizing their children in the process, they actually have their good moments and a complex dynamic.

But while these inconsistencies can be explained by Sheldon's faulty memory and emotional distortion, some canonical facts simply cannot be changed.

As Sheldon and Missy's 14th birthday approaches, the creators of Young Sheldon will soon be confronted with the part of the Cooper family's history that all fans worry about: George Sr.'s death.

According to adult Sheldon, his father died of a weight-related illness when he was 14. And that makes his death in the current or next season inevitable. But such a tragic twist could completely ruin the show's dynamic.

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The relationships within the Cooper clan are the heart and soul of the show, and George Sr. is definitely a big part of what holds the family dynamic together.

Aside from being a heartbreaking event, his death could ruin the delicate balance that has been built over the past seasons, which in turn would ruin the show. And that is exactly what many fans fear.

But is it really necessary for George's death to happen in the next few episodes?

While this tragic event created the characters fans will meet in The Big Bang Theory, the prequel has already changed a lot about George Sr.'s personality, making him a more understanding father and a better husband than previously claimed.

So why not change the circumstances of his death?

Allowing him to survive to the show's finale, become a grandfather to Mandy and Georgie's child, and an even better patriarch of the family could be much more beneficial to the show than blindly following the canon.