Latest Episode Made All Blue Bloods Fans Ask For One Thing

Latest Episode Made All Blue Bloods Fans Ask For One Thing
Image credit: CBS

The latest episode of Blue Bloods has left fans wanting more of Tom Cavanagh as Mickey Patrick, Danny's childhood friend.

In Blue Bloods ' season 13 episode titled "The Big Leagues" Mickey Patrick returns to New York searching for his missing fiancé. With his past ties to a Florida-based crime family, Danny is faced with a difficult decision as he tries to help his friend while also keeping his own family safe.

After his 10-year absence from the series, Cavanagh's return has caused quite a stir among fans, who are now clamoring for a Mickey Patrick spinoff show or even a regular role on the main series.

Fans took to social media to express their excitement over Cavanagh's return, with comments like "Love Cavanagh! Can you make him regular plz?" and "We need a Mickey Patrick spin-off show!"

Some fans couldn't help but compare Cavanagh's character on Blue Bloods to his role on The Flash, with one fan saying "Tom playing his character from The Flash and all I can see is Eobard Thawne."

Despite the excitement, there are some fans who think that Blue Bloods already has too many characters to keep track of and that adding another regular role might not be the best idea. However, this hasn't deterred others who are hoping for more Mickey Patrick in the future.

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As we wait to see what happens next, one thing is for sure, Tom Cavanagh's return to Blue Bloods has left fans wanting more. And while some fans might be hesitant about adding another character to the already crowded cast, the overwhelming response to Cavanagh's return suggests that he might just be the exception to the rule. Add to that the fact that The Flash is coming to an end after 9 seasons on the air - and maybe, just maybe, there's a glimmer of hope for those who enjoyed Cavanagh's return to Blue Bloods.