Lynda Carter Reveals What She Really Thought About DCEU Wonder Woman Movie

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There's a nice touch to passing the mantle like that.

Many people know Lynda Carter primarily as the star of the '70s Wonder Woman TV series. When the actress decided to join the cast of the "updated" Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins' 2017 film, a new generation of DCEU fans was able to appreciate her. And now Lynda has decided to share how she herself felt watching the DCEU Wonder Woman movie for the first time and seeing someone other than herself as Diana.

Lynda Carter's involvement in Wonder Woman 1984 was quite small: in one of the post-title scenes she can be seen as an Amazonian warrior named Asteria. Актриса согласилась появиться в камео после того, как пришла в абсолютный восторг от первого фильма.

Talking to The Guardian, Lynda Carter mused about how "strange" it felt to see another actress in the role that once made Carter herself famous throughout the world. Nevertheless, despite some "strangeness", Lynda was very happy and satisfied with the way the movie turned out and how Gal Gadot took over the role of Wonder Woman.

"Oh, I was thrilled, I was standing, I was applauding, I was crying, I was laughing. I was holding the hand of my daughter and husband. It was strange to see another woman taking that mantle."

Wonder Woman was one of the few surprise hits of the DCEU, and many fans of the cinematic universe thought, thanks to its successful debut, that the DCEU was now, finally, on the right track. Unfortunately, the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, was received by critics and audiences alike much more lukewarmly. However, this did not stop Warner Bros.: Patty Jenkins is already working on the threequel, although its official release date has not yet been announced, and at the recent San Diego Comic-Con there was not a word about Wonder Woman 3.

As of this moment, there are several DCEU projects fans are expecting to see next. First of all it's Black Adam, set to premiere Oct 21, 2022 and to introduce a whole new roster of superheroes, bringing together the Justice Society. Next one is Shazam! Fury Of The Gods, premiering on Dec 21, 2022. Three projects so far are scheduled to premiere in 2023: The Flash with Ezra Miller (however, there are rumors that amidst the actor controversy Warner Bros. might pull the plug on the movie altogether), Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom and Blue Beetle.

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