Mandy's Impact on Big Bang Theory Was Bigger Than You Probably Thought

Mandy's Impact on Big Bang Theory Was Bigger Than You Probably Thought
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Though Mandy didn't appear in person in The Big Bang Theory, but the recent episodes of its spinoff Young Sheldon have shown her impact on the show.

Mandy was brought in during season 5 of Young Sheldon as a romantic interest for Georgie. Eventually, this character became a permanent character after becoming pregnant with Georgie's baby.

Unlike the Coopers, we don't know anything about her future due to her never making an appearance on The Big Bang Theory itself. Though we don't know what happens between Georgie and her or their baby, the Young Sheldon series has shown just how Mandy's character affects The Big Bang Theory and its storytelling.

"A Tougher Nut and a Note on File" – Season 6, Episode 7

In season 6 of Young Sheldon (episode 7), we get to meet Audrey and Jim McCallister, Mandy's parents. Georgie quickly establishes a good collection with tire shop owner Jim. In The Big Bang Theory, the former also owns a company called Mr. Tire.

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So, while Georgie has always been an entrepreneur at heart, he hadn't been in the tire industry until he connects with Jim. Thus, no matter what happened in the couple's life, we've already seen that the connection has affected his life and career.

Though Georgie didn't appear much in The Big Bang Theory, he was still established well as a character. Besides being successful in his business, Georgie also took over after George's surprising death when his mother was too stricken with grief to be able to function, his sister was being a typical teen and his brother was abroad.

In season 6 episode 8 of Young Sheldon, we see Georgie taking good care of the family as well as Mary after her big row with George in the finale of season 4. This could be said to be foreshadowing his role as the man of the Cooper household in the future.

Does Georgie marry Mandy?

As The Big Bang Theory revealed, Georgie was first married at 19. With the timeline we know of, this wife could have, indeed, been Mandy. Even if this is the case, however, we know that this doesn't last as The Big Bang Theory shows how Georgie already has more than one ex-wife in the show.

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Since Mandy was not mentioned in The Big Bang Theory, her storyline can be crafted in whatever way is deemed best for Young Sheldon without plot holes being created. For this reason, Mandy and Georgie's arc is a really fascinating one because it can travel in any direction they want. With any luck, the writers will make the most of this in the creation of their storyline.