'Moon Knight': Here's Every Easter Egg in Episode 4

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With less than two weeks before the 'Moon Knight' finale, we are currently left at the most confusing point of the show, with absolutely no idea what's going on.

So how about a look back at the previous episodes and the way they're connected with the most recent one?

Warning: a bunch of 'Moon Knight' spoilers ahead.

Episode 4 was something, huh? With Marc and Steven finding themselves in what appears to be some kind of another dimension alluding to their troubled state of mind, we couldn't help but notice a handful of references to the previous episodes.

The first minute in this dimension has marked at least a dozen Easter eggs referencing episodes 1-3. Can you spot all of them?

That's right, we got to see the lucky-not-to-blended goldfish, Khonshu, Rubik's cube that Steven would throw in the air as he was struggling to fall asleep, Donna holding a scarab plushie (no comments there), plus tons of other references.

And the whole place looks like an asylum, with 'doctor' Arthur Harrow himself delivering his condescending remarks regarding how Marc and Steven should "save themselves".

But this asylum also looks strangely familiar at times, doesn't it?

There is also an interesting theory from one of the fans, who suggested that Marc and Steven have actually ended up in Anubis' ship heading to the afterlife.

Whether or not that is true, we'll get to find out pretty soon, with 'Moon Knight' streaming on Wednesdays. Episode 5 hits Disney Plus on April 27, and then we're going to brace ourselves for the finale on May 4.

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