'Ms. Marvel' Episode 4: Reddit Expects Inhumans To Appear

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With half of the Disney+ series already out, fans can't help but want to learn more about the origins of Kamala's superhuman abilities.

The 6-episode miniseries, centered around an American teenager of Pakistani descent, Kamala Khan, became a hit as soon as it was released, and each new episode only solidifies its success. The finale of the latest episode revealed the young superheroine's real enemies – the powerful family of djinn known as the Clan Destine. And while Kamala's powers are certainly connected to them through her magical bangle, fans are still waiting for the fourth episode to finally reveal her abilities' origin from the comics.

In a discussion on Reddit fans have been speculating on what awaits the young heroine in the upcoming episode, and it seems that all viewers are unanimous in their desire to see the original source of Kamala's powers – the Inhumans. Yes, the likes of Black Bolt and such, since in Marvel Comics' Kamala got her powers through the Terrigen Mist, the source of Inhumans' powers.

"Yeah I think this episode will be the Inhuman twist. We'll learn the true history of the Djinn and their connection with the Kree and the Ten Rings and they'll probably end up being Kree experiments. Maybe failed Inhumans or Inhumans who rebelled and so they were banished in the Noor Dimension, which I think will end up being the Negative Zone and the bangles will be the Nega Bands." – /KostisPat257.

In addition to the Inhumans, fans desperately want to see more of Kree, a powerful race of blue-skinned aliens whose technology has made them one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Universe.

"I have a feeling that Episode 4 will about more Kamala's Powers and more of Leader of Clan Destine within the history of Djinn to the connection of the Kree and what their goal is maybe it could connect to the ten of rings since we saw them. Maybe there could be mentioned about the Inhumans since they were created and used as Experiments from the Kree also we might see Dagger from the comics since Kamala might visit her grandama." – /anthonystrader18.

'Ms. Marvel' episode 4 is set to arrive on Disney+ on June 29.

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