Namor Cleverly Avoids The Eternals' Biggest (And Dumbest) Narrative Mistake

Namor Cleverly Avoids The Eternals' Biggest (And Dumbest) Narrative Mistake
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Isn't it convenient to be a self-centered character sometimes?

happened with Eternals, who were revealed to simply ignore Thanos' Infinity stones endeavor under the pretext that they do not interfere in mortal affairs. Needless to say, to some Marvel fans that explanation sounded a bit weak, to put it mildly. And some even went as far as calling the whole reason behind Eternals' inaction "pretty dumb."

However, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever did not repeat the same mistake. The two movies are not directly comparable, since Namor had no solid reason to take part in the Infinity Saga (while Eternals did), but just like Eternals, Namor remained hidden in the MCU up until now.

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But in Wakanda Forever, it's not a plot hole but rather a specific detail in Namor's character.

"Namor's reasons for staying hidden in the MCU worked so much better than Eternals for me. Only comparing because both have been around for centuries but weren't part of other stories. Namor sitting out Thanos seems like something he'd do. Eternals completely negates their plan," Brandon Davis, a host of Phase Zero podcast, noted.

Many people argued that the Eternals case was not a plot hole after all, since the group pledged not to interfere in any mankind's conflict. However, the Thanos conflict was rather an extraterrestrial one, and it was really weird for Eternals to just sit through it.

But even in case with Namor, as some people argued, it was quite bizarre for him to just wait and do nothing to battle Thanos. After all, half of his people also disappeared after the Mad Titan snapped his fingers.

"Unless he himself was snapped as well. Which is a possibility. I think regardless you are right. It's going to be hard to tie every loose end. They are still doing a great job," another Twitter user, MofongoPvpi, noted, praising the Wakanda Forever creators.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever premiered in theaters on November 11, effectively wrapping up MCU's Phase Four.