Natalia Dyer Has a Favorite Pairing in 'Stranger Things' — And It's Not What You Think

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Dyer's character in 'Stranger Things', Nancy, is quite a heart-breaker: not only is she in a love triangle with two guys, but fans also actively ship her with Maya Hawke's Robin. And guess what...

If you still tentatively hope for Nancy and Robin to become a thing in 'Stranger Things', then you have an ally in Natalia Dyer herself.

Speaking at 'Reign with Josh Smith' podcast, Dyer revealed that she finds the "Ronance" pairing "interesting" – a characterization that immediately had fans rendering her a "Ronance warrior".

According to fans, Dyer is a lot more of a shipper than she allows herself to express.

Some people laughed at how Maya Hawke, who portrays Robin, just recently happened to indicate that she was okay with her character potentially dying in season 5. Naturally, fans were quick to connext the dots.

"The difference between Maya and Natalia is so funny bc Maya is out here like "Robin should probably die" and Natalia is like "not before she kisses Nancy on the mouth." – @ronancce

Nancy and Robin have indeed grew closer in season 4 when they embarked on a journalistic/detective mission to find out more about the very first victim of Vecna, and therefore shed some light on the origin of the show's endgame villain.

However, Nancy is currently in a relationship with Jonathan – albeit a pretty complicated one. She is visibly torn between him and Steve – her ex-boyfriend who seems to be willing to give things another go. Meanwhile, Robin, who is an open lesbian, is also Steve's best friend – something that makes things even more dramatic than they already are.

This love triangle, which is on the verge of evolving into a tetragon, is already under heavy fan scrutiny, with everyone ready to defend their OTP until the very end.

Season 5 is set to become the show's final one. The writing is already underway, but the premiere date is yet to be determined.

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