Newest Severance Season 2 Update From Ben Stiller Is Finally Hopeful

Newest Severance Season 2 Update From Ben Stiller Is Finally Hopeful
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Ready for another journey into this twisted world?


  • Severance is one of the most popular shows on AppleTV+.
  • Due to the ongoing Hollywood strikes, the filming of season 2 has been delayed.
  • The show's executive producer, Ben Stiller, hinted that work on the new chapter has already started.

Severance is the original Apple TV Plus series. The first season of the show was released in 2022, and has since become the number one sci-fi thriller on the platform. It was nominated for 14 Emmys and won two.

After the huge success of the first season, the show was greenlit for a second one. However, something went wrong along the way, and the filming of the new season was delayed several times. First because of a major behind-the-scenes drama and later because of the Hollywood strikes.

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Now that everything seems to be resolved and the strikes have ended, it looks like the show is ready to go! Fans got their hopes up after seeing the latest Instagram post released by AppleTV along with the show's executive producer Ben Stiller. In the picture, we can see Adam Scott's character running in a hall that looks like one of Lumen Industries' labyrinths.

Stiller commented on the image by saying, "Back to work," which can only mean one thing. The show's creator Dan Erickson also shared the image in his stories and added the phrase “Making up for lost time.”

Boy, have they lost a lot of time! The filming of the next chapter was halted in May 2023 due to the strikes. Even before that, the most anticipated thriller drama of 2023 had some problems along the way.

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For example, there were money problems, bad scripts, and misunderstandings between the showrunners, who apparently wouldn't even talk to each other about their plans for the show's future.

That includes the creator of the show Dan Erickson, who was relatively new to the industry, and the experienced veteran Mark Friedman. And they never hit it off, causing Stiller to look for some other writers to continue working on the show.

Finally, the shooting started in late October 2022, and the rest is history.

Severance Season 1 Recap

In case you are yet to check the first season of Severance out, beware of major spoilers ahead.

At the center of the story is a man named Mark Scout, brilliantly portrayed by Adam Scott, who is a team leader in a giant corporation called Lumon. It's not quite clear at this point what the company does, or even what Mark's team actually does.

Like everyone else in the company, Mark and the rest of his team have undergone a procedure called severance. It's a surgery that causes your work memories to stay in your head only when you're at work, and your personal life to stay in your second reality.

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The procedure is optional, but it is required to work at Lumen. Mark decided to join the company after the tragedy in his family, when his wife died. Outside of work he is dead inside, and at work he seems normal and even fun.

Well, that all changes after he suddenly starts seeing visions that seem to mix the two realities in his mind. After that he realizes that Lumen is a sinister place and something is wrong with all of them and their lives are in danger.

The first season ends on a cliffhanger when the other main character, Helly, portrayed by Britt Lower, realizes that she is part of the evil world that is forcing people to have the surgery.

Severance season 1 is available to stream on AppleTV+.

Source: Apple TV and Ben Stiller via Instagram