One Community Star Had the Best Reaction to Donald Glover Leaving the Show

One Community Star Had the Best Reaction to Donald Glover Leaving the Show
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The Community was one of the best things to watch in the early 2010s. It was a sitcom that had a similar premise to many others.

However, the character dynamics, the fluid comedy, and the engaging stories made people come back for more. Donald Glover's Troy Barnes and Danny Pudi's Abed Nadir were no doubt the stars of the show.

Troy and Abed were the lovable duo of best friends in the show, and their chemistry was what many among the community ( pun definitely intended) loved the most about the show. The reason behind their connection was that the actors, Donald and Danny, were also best friends in real life.

The two met quite often and shared more than a few laughs off-screen as well. Their banter was natural, their rap scenes never felt forced, and they were actually pretty funny. The two brought their off-screen friendship to the cameras, and the result was gold. However, the time came for one of them to say goodbye.

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Donald Glover, whom most of you might know as Childish Gambino, is a megastar these days. From roles in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Lion King, he has really come a long way. That's got nothing on his Grammy-award-winning music career and Golden-Globe-winning series Atlanta. So how did it all start, and how did Danny feel about it?

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You'll be glad to know that Danny was extremely supportive of Donald's vision. Donald asked to leave the show because he began to feel his heart wasn't in it. He wanted to create some things on his own terms. This was during season five of The Community.

Before that, however, when Pudi heard Glover's song "Heartbreak," he knew Glover was leaving for greener pastures. This happened during season 3, as Pudi recalls. Glover was working on some music and wanted to play his new song in the car. Pudi recalled that it was really good and endeavored to remain supportive of his real-life and onscreen friend.

Pudi realized the potential that Donald had and supported him fully. That was the best reaction one could hope for in a situation like this. It was made even better when the show had an emotional send-off for Troy Barnes during season 5. It was an emotional moment for Pudi in particular because he wasn't saying goodbye to Troy alone but to Donald Glover as well.