One Friends Star Thinks Chandler Should've Ended Up with Janice

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Who is your favorite couple in Friends? Ross and Rachel, Chandler and Monica, or maybe Phoebe and Mike? One Friends star thinks the best couple is Chandler and Janice, and she is not afraid to sing about it.

The last episode of Friends aired 18 years ago, but the sitcom is still popular and discussed in numerous fan groups. With the release of HBO's Friends: The Reunion, the show has returned to the top of some of the most-watched lists.

There's something about the chemistry between the main cast - Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer - that viewers just can't get enough of. Fans love the dynamics of the group and often discuss their favorite pairings and whether the creators made the right choices about who ends up with whom.

While some fans think Rachel could have ended up with Joey, Phoebe with David and Ross with Mona, the overwhelming majority agree that Chandler's soul mate has always been Monica, according to a BuzzFeed poll.

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But not everyone agrees. At least one Friends star is certain that Chandler should have ended up with Janice. You may have guessed that this is none other than the actress behind Janice, Maggie Wheeler.

Maggie Wheeler made a surprise appearance in a TikTok by @jaxwritessongs to sing about Chandler's love to Janice. In the hilarious video, the TikToker sings Friends' opening song with different lyrics.

She says how Friends made a mistake pairing off Chandler and Monica. "Chandler should have ended up with someone else," the singer performs. And at this moment, Wheeler jumps in the frame with Janice's iconic catchphrase, "Oh. My. Gawd!" and continues the song using Janice's unforgettable voice.

"Chandler, I'll wait for you when you and Monica get divorced. I will wait for you, you know you always loved me more," Wheeler sings and bursts into Janice's one-of-a-kind laughter.

The character of Janice first appeared in Friends in season 1. At first, it seemed she would be a one-time guest, but the woman who made Chandler's life difficult while simultaneously attracting him was so fascinating that the creators decided to make her a recurring character, and Janice went on to appear in every season of Friends.

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