One Guy Ritchie Movie So Bad It Made Madonna Quit Acting

One Guy Ritchie Movie So Bad It Made Madonna Quit Acting
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It takes a lot for someone so hard working to end it all.

No matter how great the director is, there is always at least one of his projects that can be called the weakest link. Something not to be proud of, but to make everyone forget what really happened and move on as fast as possible.

Whether it is the ideas that felt great at the time that turned out horribly wrong, or just a lack of passion, no one is safe from failure.

Guy Ritchie, a British filmmaker who gave audiences such great films as The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Gentlemen, took his time to find his creative voice. And although he's now known for his big action movies with just enough dark humor to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, in the early 2000s he was ready to try his hand at different genres.

One of the films the young director took on was a remake of the Italian art film Swept Away. Not only did he want to bring his own vision to the foreign classic, but he also wanted to cast his then-wife Madonna in the lead role.

However, only one of them survived the soul-crushing criticism the movie received and stayed in the business.

By the time Swept Away was released in 2002, Madonna was not only a singer and songwriter, but also an actress. Her marriage to Guy Ritchie should have only enhanced it, but with all the hardships their first collaboration faced, she decided to step away from acting altogether:

“I like directing better. If I write it and direct it, then it's my voice. If I'm the actor, I'm just ... I'm a pawn,” she explained to MTV back in 2012.

Though Madonna participated in a few more projects as a voice actress or made a cameo appearance as herself, Swept Away's Amber Leighton was her last role on the big screen, so the musician kept her word. And the majority of the industry would agree that it was a decision made for the better.

If you are curious to see Swept Away and judge for yourself, you can stream the movie on Netflix.

Source: MTV