One Of The Biggest Teen Wolf Movie Mysteries Is Left Unexplained Completely

One Of The Biggest Teen Wolf Movie Mysteries Is Left Unexplained Completely
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Of all the plot holes and inconsistencies in the now-released Teen Wolf movie this one feels like one of the most annoying.

The events of Teen Wolf movie unfold after a 15-years' time jump, and let's just say, a lot happened in those 15 years. Out of all the characters, it was Derek's like that took perhaps the most surprising turn: somehow he became a dad and is now seen raising a 15-years old son.

What's even more surprising, Derek's been doing it all alone for what seems like a long time, with Eli's mother nowhere in the picture. Moreover, the movie doesn't address who Eli's mother actually is, how her relationship with Derek came to be, etc. Basically, we know nothing about this clearly important woman in Derek's life.

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Fans are understandably outraged and confused about this major plot point being completely ignored.

"I was so excited for Derek's return, but now I'm just confused. How did he have a son and why is the mother never mentioned?" said one fan on Twitter. Another fan stated, "I can't believe they didn't even explain how Derek became a dad. This is a huge plot hole and it's really disappointing."

The lack of explanation about Eli's mother is not only a major plot hole, but it also raises questions about Derek's character development. Was he always a father and we just never knew it? Did he have a secret love child with someone? Was the mother of his child killed off-screen? The possibilities are endless, but unfortunately, we may never know the truth.

It's not just the missing mother that has fans talking. The introduction of Derek's son also raises questions about the show's continuity. How did Derek manage to raise a child while dealing with all the supernatural drama? Where was Eli during all the major events that occurred in the show's final season (given his age, it's quite possible that Eli was born during the last season of Teen Wolf, or at least Derek and Eli's mother were already together)? These questions, along with the missing mother, are left unanswered, leaving fans with more questions than answers.

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It's a shame that such an important plot point was left unexplored, even more so now that Derek's dead, sacrificing himself in the movie's final battle to defeat Nogitsune once and for all. Looks like we'll never get that answer now, does it?