Only One Friends Duo Didn't Share a Kiss: Can You Guess Who?

Only One Friends Duo Didn't Share a Kiss: Can You Guess Who?
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Throughout the ten seasons of Friends, every actor from the main cast shared at least one kiss with each of their co-stars — apart from one duo. Who was it, though?

Perhaps the most iconic sitcom of all time, Friends has been going strong for ten years — and ten successful seasons. Thanks to the charm of the cast and the wit of the show’s creators, there wasn’t a point of failure in the series’s success story, and even after these ten years, millions of people around the world cried their goodbyes.

Friends has always been focused on the relationships between the six protagonists and a few secondary characters that were either recurring between the seasons or switching all the time. Since the series followed a group of young people, there was always more than enough drama and romance to go around, so no one was bored.

And with all the romance and drama, as time passed, virtually all main characters became entangled with each other at least to some extent. Even if there were no actual feelings between many of them, at one point or another, they all shared at least one kiss, and some episodes covered several duos at once.

Chandler, for example, managed to kiss all three girls in a single episode as he was trying to hide his blossoming relationship with Monica: after accidentally kissing her in front of their friends, he pretended that it was his new tradition, and kissed Phoebe and Rachel, too. On different occasions, he also shared kisses with Ross and Joey.

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But as we said in the beginning, there was one duo that never once shared a kiss. If you haven’t rewatched the show in some time, Monica and Ross might appear to be the obvious answer: after all, they were siblings. But even they accidentally shared a kiss at a party in one of the flashbacks, so they are off the table, too.

Surprisingly, the correct answer is Monica and Phoebe. Despite being close friends both on-screen and off-screen, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow never had a scene where they’d have to kiss each other. Considering how easygoing Phoebe was when it came to kisses, it’s surprising she had one friend unloved like this, actually.

Did you guess the duo correctly?