Pedro Pascal Ready to Give Up Acting and Become a Gamer After The Last of Us 

Pedro Pascal Ready to Give Up Acting and Become a Gamer After The Last of Us 
Image credit: HBO

Pedro Pascal was explicitly prohibited from doing one thing before filming The Last of Us, but he did it anyway — and not, the actor’s ready to retire and become a gamer instead.

Now a worldwide star, Pedro Pascal was launched into international stardom by Game of Thrones where he played Oberin Martell, one of the most beloved characters. Following his success on the show, Pascal booked a series of other great gigs, including his most recent ones: The Mandalorian and The Last of Us.

While The Mandalorian has its own script which unveils as the show goes on, The Last of Us is famously based on the popular video game of the same name. This means that many gamers were aware of what was to go down before it even appeared on the screen, and this arguably took quite a bit of fun out of the series for them.

Pedro Pascal himself, being the lead actor of The Last of Us, was specifically prohibited from playing the original game before shooting the TV series. It was his only strict restriction, actually — but Passcal being Pascal, he decided to give it a shot just out of spite.

In the game, he had a lot of fun, even though he wasn’t able to finish it.

“My nephews were watching me play and eventually got tired of my inability to complete the level, so they took my controller from me. But then we started shooting the show and living in the world ourselves,” the actor told IGN Nordic.

But apart from fun, Pedro Pascal also had a sudden revelation about his future.

"I'm ready to become one… I'm ready to retire and become a gamer, because I feel that if I become one all our systems will start crumbling down and I'll never leave the house again,” The Last of Us star admitted.

We’re now curious to learn just how much having played the game himself affected Pedro Pascal’s vision of his character and his acting in general: after all, he must have spoilered quite a few things for himself. But anyway, he had his fun — and then we had ours, too, thanks to the actor’s impeccable performance in the show.

Source: IGN Nordic