Recasting The Boys: Chris Hemsworth Is a Surprisingly Perfect Homelander

Recasting The Boys: Chris Hemsworth Is a Surprisingly Perfect Homelander
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And Andrew Garfield as Hughie? Sign us up!


  • Reddit has suggested a surprisingly perfect alternative cast for The Boys
  • Amazon's superhero satire is currently heading into its fourth season with its main cast unchanged
  • Gen V, The Boys' spinoff, is nearing its season 1 finale

No matter how perfect the official cast of literally anything is, sometimes fans just want to go crazy and turn everything upside down. When it comes to The Boys, the main line-up is just right: from Antony Starr 's perfectly frightening Homelander to Karl Urban 's unhinged supe hater Billy Butcher.

But fancasting is just fun, isn't it? Turns out, it can be even more fun if the new faces are surprisingly fitting, which is exactly what happened with this particular Reddit recast.

Chris Hemsworth as Homelander? It... Works

We couldn't imagine Marvel star Chris Hemsworth in any superhero role other than the God of Thunder, Thor... until we saw this fancast. The way Hemsworth could pull off Homelander is almost concerning — if we didn't love Antony Starr's eerie performance this much, we would say we would be in for this recast!

However, Hemsworth as Homelander is not even the only good thing about this new Reddit recast. Turns out, Frenchie would also work perfectly if he was portrayed by Rami Malek (although that AI-generated gif will haunt us in nightmares), and Andrew Garfield would be a charming Hughie!

As for Billy Butcher, it's not like we have ever doubted that Karl Urban was the single most perfect choice for this role, but just have a look at Hugh Jackman. Wouldn't it be fun for the Wolverine star to ditch his iconic superhero role and explore a supe-hating vigilante instead? We guess we'll never know, but a little fancast never hurt nobody.

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Last but not least, the fancast suggests to imagine Saoirse Ronan as Annie January a.k.a. Starlight. Seriously, if Amazon ever decides to do a multiverse (jokes aside, please don't), they already have a perfect alternative cast.

The comment section understood the assignment and went on to suggest Robert Downey Jr as The Deep (and other crossovers nobody asked for). Thankfully, the suggestion came without a creepy gif.

When Will The Boys Season 4 Release?

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The Boys was greenlit for season 4 back in June 2022, and wrapped after a nine-month shoot. Because of the writers and actors strike, the premiere has been delayed, but it's safe to say that we will see the fourth chapter of our beloved superhero satire in 2024.

There is no exact release date, however. What we do know is that Eric Kripke returns as showrunner, and the main cast remain unchanged, don't worry.

Currently, if you need a fresh dose of supe content, feel free to check out The Boys' spinoff, Gen V, which is one episode away from the season finale. The eighth and final episode hits Prime Video on November 3.