Reddit Came Up With Three More Characters Who Could Be Sauron in 'The Rings of Power'

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The ever-lasting mystery of 'The Rings of Power' just can't get out of fans' heads.

With Sauron remaining in the shadows for the four episodes of 'The Rings of Power', fans continue to brainstorm the identity of the character that could be his disguise. And with every new episode, new candidates emerge.

Let's look at the characters that have most recently drawn 'The Rings of Power' fans' suspicion, according to Reddit.


The elven lord who initiated the making of the rings of power, Celebrimbor is someone who has faced intense scrutiny over the past several episodes. The fact that he is behind the rings already seems enough for some people to believe that he is Sauron in disguise, even though John R.R. Tolkien's books describe this story as a bit more complicated.

In the books, it was Annatar who ended up being the dark wizard, and Celebrimbor simply fell for his tricks. However, fan theories now suggest that the show decided to merge the two characters into one, which is why Celebrimbor ending up as Sauron is technically possible.


A son of Bronwyn, a mortal woman who fell in love with an elf, Theo has drawn scrutiny over the fact that we never saw his ears, which led some people to believe that Arondir might be his father, and Theo himself is not someone we think he is.

However, as Theo wielded a dark sword in episode 4, fans immediately added him to the list of characters who could be Sauron, even though he has been a distinctively positive character as of now.


One of Tirharad's residents, Waldreg seems to be one of the few characters who are openly loyal to Sauron. At least he shamelessly approaches Theo and asks him whether he heard of Sauron and praises the dark wizard, as though he is genuinely excited for him to come back.

He is also an original character introduced in 'The Rings of Power' for the first time, so there is no canonical restrictions that could possibly limit the ways he could open up in the episodes to come. This is one more reason for fans to suspect that he might be the dark wizard himself.

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