Reddit Found The Perfect Idea For 'Joker 2', With William Dafoe Involved

Reddit Found The Perfect Idea For 'Joker 2', With William Dafoe Involved
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Todd Phillips recently announced that a sequel to his Joaquin Phoenix movie is officially in the works, and the Internet has gone crazy trying to figure out what it could be about.

'Joker ' premiered in 2019, and this moody riff on Scorsese quickly garnered quite a following, with millions of fans praising the director and actor for pushing the boundaries of the comic book narrative. Although the film itself contained a fairly complete story, many were eager to see Phoenix as Arthur Fleck again, speculating about the possibility of Warner Bros. giving the go-ahead for a sequel. Now that the doubts have dissipated, fans have unleashed their full potential, creating interesting theories, one of which clearly stood far above the rest – let Willem Dafoe play the Joker and pit him against Phoenix's character.

The thing is, the Dafoe himself proposed such an idea back in January, but don't be too quick to make the assumption that the veteran actor is trying to steal Phoenix's role. In fact, Dafoe produced quite a brilliant idea that certainly fits the mood of the original film.

"And that kind of opens up the possibility of an interesting story, particularly if you had Joaquin Phoenix 's Joker, and then you had someone who was either imitating or riffing off what he did. I fantasized about that," Dafoe told GQ.

The idea of multiple Jokers coexisting in the same universe immediately appealed to fans, and many of them came up with great ideas for potential other Joker solo films.

I would love legit comedy movie with him as Joker just reminiscing about old times with Batman and talking about how these new villains aren’t like how they used to be, – /luapchung.

Others are already picking other actors capable of joining Phoenix as the villainous clown, with some pretty interesting names popping up – including Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp even.

It would kind of be cool if they made a whole series of Joker movies that were barely even connected to each other just so they could remake whatever classics they felt like in a way that brought in money. It would be hilarious. – /InfanticideAquifer.

If Phillips and Warner Bros. listen to fans, a very creative original franchise could be born, and fans would finally stop worrying that a rushed sequel would ruin Phoenix's legacy.