Rhaenyra Targaryen Should End Up With Sir Harwin Strong

Rhaenyra Targaryen Should End Up With Sir Harwin Strong
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Will this woman finally settle down with a decent man?

In 'House of the Dragon ', pretty much everything is complicated. The same is true for Rhaenyra Targaryen and her relationship with men. On the one hand, she and her uncle Daemon share some kind of bizarre chemistry that they both are not able to resist. On the other hand, there is Sir Criston Cole — a simple young knight who is sometimes so honorable it hurts everyone around him.

Both are extremely problematic for Rhaenyra. While one leaves her in a brothel at night, another spills her secrets to Queen Alicent; which is why, according to fans, Rhaenyra should dump them both and focus on somebody else.

And that somebody else is Sir Harwin Strong — another knight who seems to be secretly fond of Rhaenyra and has already garnered fan love after he rushed to save her from the fight that erupted during her pre-wedding party.

First and foremost, Harwin is neither a murderer (like Daemon), or a traitor (like Cole). This fact alone makes him an outstanding man in the world of 'House of the Dragon', where everyone is notoriously "morally grey". Secondly, he did bravely rescue Rhaenyra from a mob, while Daemon was busy being himself, and Cole was smashing the face of Laenor Valeryon's lover.

Notably, Harwin's total screentime is around a minute or two, but people seem to be enchanted by him way more than they are by Daemon or Criston. As he and Rhaenyra shared a dance during the pre-wedding party, many fans have already felt that a certain kind of chemistry is starting to develop between the two.

Well, spoiler alert — in the books, Rhaenyra and Harwin do end up being lovers, even though it's unclear yet whether the TV show is going to follow the same path.

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