Rings of Power S2 Walks Into the Same Trap That Made S1 So Bad

Rings of Power S2 Walks Into the Same Trap That Made S1 So Bad
Image credit: Prime Video

At this point, they just need to add generic sitcom music to all Sauron scenes.

Prime Video loves burning its money on ambitious TV shows. Sometimes, it works; sometimes, it doesn’t. Rings of Power, the streamer’s adaptation of Tolkien’s iconic LotR prequel, flopped tremendously with Season 1, but it was still mildly interesting because of the whole “Who is Sauron?” mystery. But Season 2… Oh boy.

Season 2 decided to keep that idea but take it to some truly notorious levels of absurdity that clash with the serious dramatic undertone of the unfortunate saga.

Rings of Power Is a Fashion Comedy Now

The mystery of Sauron’s identity largely carried the otherwise disastrous Rings of Power Season 1 thanks to its suspense. Initial reports about Season 2 suggested that Season 2 would keep on the trend by adding another Sauron form, and that sounded like a lowkey good idea… Until we saw the execution in the recent trailer.

Remember how Sauron masquerade as human Halbrand in Season 1? Well, now he masquerades as elf Annatar to trick elves into making more Rings for him — but there’s a catch. By “masquerading” we mean literally that: he puts on a wig and fake ears without changing his facial features or body whatsoever.

That’s surely going to fool everyone, especially if Sauron’s blacksmiths of choice will be elvish children who fail to recognize their fathers when they dress up for Yuletide.

Rings’ Season 2 Trailer Has Fans Howling

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Sure, Rings of Power Season 1 had many terrible decisions, but having Sauron wear a wig of all things to proceed with his evil and devious plans is the next level of absurdity. Fans, who also happen to be haters, are howling in the comment section.

“Elves: ‘Oh no, Halbrand is actually Sauron!’

Halbrand: puts on wig and pointy ears

Elves: ‘Where did he go? Must’ve been the wind,’” YouTube user SteFFXIII quipped.

We bet that’s exactly what’s going to happen when “Annatar” introduces himself. Every respectable elf knows that a man who became blonde is now a changed man.

“One wig to rule them all.

One wig to hide him.

One wig to fool them all.

And now they can not find him,” Dexidoodle wrote.

There are countless comments like these, and we’re loving it. Arguably, the best choice the Rings of Power team has made so far is leaving the comment section under the trailer with a wig-wielding Sauron open.

Perhaps, with the ultimate flop of Season 1, Rings of Power decided to embrace its nature as the embodiment of a running gag and become a fashion comedy from now on. If that’s the case, we fully support their new approach — and are very much waiting to see Sauron with a dwarven beard and the same height in Season 3.