Scary Bad: 10 Horror Films of the 2000s That Bombed Hard

Scary Bad: 10 Horror Films of the 2000s That Bombed Hard
Image credit: Legion-Media

Hollywood loves horror. It's cheap to produce, actors don't expect to be paid much, and the fandom is immensely dedicated, turning almost every genre movie into a modest success for the studios.

That said, the industry has seen a number of painful horror box office flops over the years, and the most crushing ones occurred in the 2000s, before streaming services were available to give a flopped movie a second life.

Here are the biggest horror flops of the 2000s:

While most of the movies produced in the 2000s are pretty unoriginal when it comes to the horror genre and breaking its conventions, the same can't be said for the scary pictures on this list.

Most of them looked like a breath of fresh air in the tired landscape of horror movies, so it's no wonder that the producers expected a big box office for them.

The most painful flop was undoubtedly "Ghosts of Mars", a crazy sci-fi movie that premiered way ahead of its time and sank at the box office.

However, even though all of the above movies failed to make any money, two of them managed to become cult hits in the long run - "The Wicker Man" (because of Nicholas Cage's insanely cheesy performance) and "Grindhouse" (because it's actually good).

Maybe other horror movies will be rediscovered in the future!