'Stargirl' Fans Disappointed With a Recast of Thunderbolt Actor 

'Stargirl' Fans Disappointed With a Recast of Thunderbolt Actor 
Image credit: The CW

It looks like The CW is in hot water again: it was recently announced that Jim Gaggifan will be recast for the upcoming Season 3.

'Stargirl' premiered on the network in 2020 and became another series in The CW's rapidly growing DC library, along with shows like 'The Flash ' and 'Superman and Lois'. Thunderbolt was introduced in the show's second season, and this lovable pink imp quickly became a fan favorite thanks to comedian Jim Gaffigan's excellent voice acting. So the decision to recast him came as a surprise to viewers. But it seems that not all hope is lost, as the new voice actor who will appear in season three isn't such a bad choice after all.

Seth Green, known for creating the cult TV series 'Robot Chicken', was recently announced as the new voice of the Imp, and despite fans' disappointment with the sudden change, many are still willing to give the actor a chance.

And to be completely honest, these sudden recasts are not a complete surprise to 'Stargirl' fans, as The CW has already made these puzzling creative decisions in season two.

Jim Gaffigan's decision to leave the show after just one season is still waiting to be explained, but at least fans are happy that Green was cast as his replacement.