'Stranger Things' Fan Theory Offers Yet Another Way For Eddie to Return – And It's Not About Vampires

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It's actually about… Iron Maiden. Let us explain.

The death of Eddie Munson is something that 'Stranger Things' fans simply cannot put up with. The lovable Hellfire Club leader has fallen victim to demo bats in the Upside Down, but his fans are already suggesting that he will come back – mainly justifying their theories by how the 'Dungeons & Dragons' table game has a vampire character named Kas who could be Eddie's alter ego.

However, there is another theory that also boasts a pretty convincing justification. Remember the very first scenes of Volume 2, when the Hawkins gang is desperately looking for any kind of music that could save Nancy from Vecna? That is when Eddie grabs an Iron Maiden disk and yells his famous "This is music!!!" line.

But guess who is Iron Maiden's renowned mascot? A rocker zombie… whose name is Eddie the Head. This little coincidence has immediately prompted fan theories on Reddit.

Not only does Iron Maiden's Eddie boast a striking resemblance to the Hellfire Club leader, but also we have never seen Eddie's dead body.

"In the Stranger Things world, they've already established with Hopper that unless you see someone's dead body and then buried, there's still a chance they could be alive," one fan noted on Reddit.

Which is why the idea of Eddie returning as a heavy metal Upside Down god is just as tempting as the renowned fan theory suggesting that he will return as Kas, the vampire from 'Dungeons & Dragons' who ended up slaying Lord Vecna.

After all, wasn't it music that saved people from dying horribly at Vecna's hands? And Iron Maiden is, in fact, music. Confirmed by Eddie Munson himself.

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