'Stranger Things': Here's Why Dustin Might Be Vecna's Next Target

'Stranger Things': Here's Why Dustin Might Be Vecna's Next Target
Image credit: Netflix

It would seem that even the Hawkins gang's loveliest member is not safe.

With the dramatic finale of 'Stranger Things ' season 4 suggesting that pretty much everyone can be targeted by Vecna now, Dustin Henderson might be especially vulnerable to Henry Creel's sinister powers.

After he and Eddie embarked on a "metal" mission to help their friends in the Upside Down, Dustin might secretly be tormented by guilt because Eddie never made it back into the normal world. Bitten to death by demo bats, the leader of the Hellfire Club died in the Upside Down in the hands of his friend, but the latter certainly did not feel better just because he was there.

Now, the guilt over Eddie's death might make Dustin Vecna's prime target, fans fear. Moreover, many people have already come up with cruel illusions Vecna could torment Dustin with.

"Imagine Vecna gives him a vision of Eddie and Eddie is like "Why didn't you save me Henderson? You thought I was a freak just like them, didn't you? After i took you in and accepted you this is how you repay me?" hold me back before I keep going ohbmy gof." – @hendersoncore

Of course, these illusions will have to include Eddie.

"And when Vecna shows him Kas? And says 'this is what you've done to him'?" – @nieeque

Kas is a vampire character from 'Dungeons & Dragons', who, according to many fans, might serve as a possible reincarnation of Eddie, given that he was bitten by bats and we never saw what happened to his dead body.

Some people believe that Dustin's fate in season 5 might be sealed – albeit not necessarily by Vecna directly.

"Dustin is always saved, by Robin and Steve in S3 underground before they are captured, and then again by Eddie. I think in S5 Steve will be in serious danger, about to die, and it'll flashback with Dustin always getting saved and then he sacrifices himself to save Steve's life." – @Bailye_

The worst thing is that we will have to wait – likely for more than a year – for the fifth and final season to come out. The premiere date is yet to be officially confirmed.