Thank God Sheldon Cooper Was Never Buff: He Would Grow Up a Bully

Thank God Sheldon Cooper Was Never Buff: He Would Grow Up a Bully
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He could’ve been even more insufferable.


  • Young Sheldon is a CBS sitcom that originated as a prequel to The Big Bang Theory.
  • It focused on the life of Sheldon Cooper and his family in Texas in the 90s.
  • Sheldon's upbringing and the way he acted in school assured fans that he would have been a real bully if it weren't for his physical complexion.

For the past 6 years all fans of The Big Bang Theory were brough up to their screens to watch the journey that made Sheldon Cooper the person we know from the series. Following the Cooper family life through the years, the viewers were crying, laughing and getting utterly shocked along with characters, getting to know them more and more.

Now that the series nears its finale, the fans start to draw some lines under everything they have seen. Predictably, Sheldon Cooper was always true to himself, but was often enabled to act as spoiled as he can by the overprotective mother, who catered to his every need.

Although it’s hard to imagine a reality where Sheldon grows up to be even more insufferable than he is in The Big Bang Theory, there is one thing fans now know for sure. The lack of physical strength in Sheldon is a true blessing in disguise for everyone around him. Has he been a little more buff, he’d likely to become a supervillain, rather than a hero.

Young Sheldon vs The Bully

If there wasn't enough evidence in the entirety of The Big Bang Theory, where Sheldon is shown growing up into a selfish guy who doesn't understand about half of the social cues and pretends not to understand the other half to avoid a lot of responsibility, Young Sheldon had its own episode to foreshadow Sheldon becoming a bully.

In season 2 episode 13, Georgie is being bullied by the bully, and Sheldon decides to find out what caused it directly from the source of the trouble. Instead of standing up to his brother and trying to protect him, he's interested in the motivation behind the bullying, not really understanding how harmful it is no matter what.

Siding with the one person who intimidates not only his older brother but the rest of the school must have been the first of many signals about the way Sheldon thinks. Instead of valuing emotional connections with people, he thinks in terms of dominance and respect, and sees a way to get both.

Undoubtedly brilliant, he would have been the most obnoxious person in the entire school if only he had a height and muscle advantage over other kids. Competitive and unwilling to admit his shortcomings to anyone around him, Sheldon would have easily resorted to physical violence if it were the easiest way for him to get ahead.

Fortunately for everyone, he was gifted in one area and just average in the other. Considering he's already been Leonard's biggest bully on The Big Bang Theory, the poor guy couldn't take much more.

To see how the show will wrap up Sheldon's storyline in season 7, be sure to tune in to Young Sheldon each Thursday on CBS.