The Buccaneers: Was It Guy Who Revealed Nan’s Origin?

The Buccaneers: Was It Guy Who Revealed Nan’s Origin?
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We think yes. And it makes Theo an even better character.


  • Everyone found out that Nan was an illegitimate daughter in the episode It's Christmas when James Seadown told Theo's mother about it.
  • However, there is every reason to believe that Theo himself found out much earlier, from Guy's letter.
  • One of the fans deciphered the letter, which contained phrases that clearly indicated that the letter had information about Nan's origin.

Now everyone knows. In the episode It's Christmas, the inevitable happened – everyone, including Theo's mother and Theo himself, Nan's fiancé, learned that the main character was an illegitimate daughter, the result of her father's affair.

The Buccaneers ' Nan Twist Explained

The Duchess was told of this by Jinny's husband, James Seadown, and in his usual manipulative manner, he made Nan believe that it was Jinny who broke the news to Miss Tintagel. Nan said she would never forgive her, and viewers wanted to punch James in the face once again.

And just when we thought Nan would leave the Tintagel estate in disgrace, she acts like a true American – publicly declares her heritage. This confession is perhaps the most powerful scene of the entire season so far, not only because of Nan's speech, but also because of Theo's reaction to it.

We've already gotten the idea that he's not your typical arrogant aristocrat but a sensitive young man (and perhaps the best character in the entire show). But what makes him the best the Buccaneers' character happened much earlier – what if Theo knew about Nan's parentage before the dining-hall scene?

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Theo Knew About Nan's Origin From The Letter

In the episode Homecoming, Theo read Guy's letter to Nan, in which he learned of his best friend's warm feelings for his fiancée. Now, this is not a situation that anyone would want to find themselves in. However, there is every reason to believe that the confession of feelings was not the most shocking discovery Theo made.

Guy was very drunk when he wrote the letter and has absolutely no recollection of what was in it. However, one of the attentive viewers deciphered a part of the letter, and because of the scattered pieces, one can draw a very clear conclusion – the secret of Nan's origin was in this letter.

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There were fragments of phrases such as: "my walking away that night" and "it does matter that you were born... because it is part of what makes…perfect."

Pretty definite, right?

So, we can conclude that even after Theo learned Nan's most important secret, he kept it, and this discovery did not change his mind about marrying Nan. All the viewers can hope for now is that Nan doesn't break his heart, because he absolutely does not deserve it (yet).

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