The Only Thing Elsbeth Fans Love More Than Its Quirky Main Character

The Only Thing Elsbeth Fans Love More Than Its Quirky Main Character
Image credit: CBS

You better start the show now if you still haven’t.

Who doesn’t like a lighthearted show with a goofy main character who is a little irritating but still extremely lovable? Well, we dare you to find at least one person who would say no to a series with a lead like that.

CBS’s new show Elsbeth premiered on the network in the end of February this year and is actually related to two other shows, The Good Wife and The Good Fight. So for many viewers, it was the main reason to even start watching the new show.

Elsbeth is a police procedural comedy-drama that follows the main character, Elsbeth Tascioni, who is a rather atypical lawyer who gives up her job and moves to New York to become a detective of sorts. She starts working with the NYPD and helping them solve cases.

The premise of the show is based on a Columbo-like trope where it's already known who actually committed the crime, and the main plot revolves around how the main character finds out who the criminal is and convinces her skeptical colleagues to believe her.

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Elsbeth is played by none other than Carrie Preston, as she already played the role in the parent series. So the whole show is kept afloat thanks to her. But there's one more thing that the viewers love as much as the main character – and that's the amount of cameos that the show has.

Elsbeth Needs to Finally Deliver What Fans Have Been Asking For

What the audience is waiting for now is more of the guest stars each week, and especially they are excited to see characters from the related series. The creators have already hinted that this is exactly the way they want to go soon.

“I love the cameos. I really hope they bring some characters from the good wife and the good fight. I think it will happen eventually because I feel like Robert and Michelle King like to work with the same actors,” Redditor CalendarAggressive11 said.

Elsbeth is available to stream on Prime and is currently airing on CBS. The series has already been renewed for a second season.