The Walking Dead: 5 Creepiest Zombies We've Seen So Far 

The Walking Dead: 5 Creepiest Zombies We've Seen So Far 
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The Walking Dead has really set the bar high for zombie horror.

While we all know that The Walking Dead, the popular zombie TV show, isn’t actually about zombies, the series has given us some truly memorable and terrifying zombies over the years. Here's a roundup of those that really stood out.

Burnt Walkers — Season 4

Season 4 brought us some haunting images of walkers, but the Burnt Walkers stood out. When young Lizzie and Mika stumble upon these charred horrors in a pecan grove, they find themselves in a grim game of cat and mouse.

The walkers look like burnt, yet somehow still animate, corpses, and it’s downright horrifying.

The Spider Walker — Season 9

The show took a twist in season 9. Amid the storyline shifting gears with Rick's final episodes and a significant time leap, the group finds themselves relying on primitive survival tactics.

During one eerie encounter at the Smithsonian museum, Siddiq is ambushed by a walker that seems to be a living (well, not exactly living) nest for spiders. Spiders are crawling out of every nook and cranny of this undead, creating a skin-crawling spectacle.

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The Spiked Walker (Winslow) — Season 7

In a show already known for pushing the boundaries of zombie horror, the Spiked Walker, known as Winslow, took things to a new level. This walker, a dead member of the Scavengers, seems like something straight out of a Mad Max movie.

This zombie is equipped with spikes and a metal helmet. Rick Grimes' encounter with Winslow is nothing short of a nightmare both for him, and for us.

The Bloated Walker in the Well — Season 2

During season 2, the group encounters an unforgettable sight on Hershel's farm: a walker trapped at the bottom of a well.

The team's decision to send Glenn down into the well to pull out this bloated zombie results in a horrifying scene where the walker is torn in two, spilling its guts in a gruesome spectacle.

The Walker King — The Walking Dead: Dead City

The Walking Dead: Dead City introduces a new level of grotesque with the Walker King. This formidable zombie, likely rotting in the sewers since the apocalypse's onset, is a bloated mass with other walkers congealed into its body.

Resembling a real-life rat king, the Walker King gets its name from the way rats tangle their tails together. The monstrous zombie is something we’ve never seen in The Walking Dead before, and let’s just say it is absolutely creepy.