There's a Bigger Story Behind That "Dirty" Larys & Alicent Scene

There's a Bigger Story Behind That
Image credit: HBO Max

A lot happened in the penultimate episode of the first season of House of the Dragon but there was one particular scene fans won't be able to forget for a while now.

We all know the scene in question — the meeting of Alicent (Olivia Cooke) and Larys (Matthew Needham). In return for the information, Larys gives her Alicent takes off her shoes and stockings and puts her bare feet on the table letting Larys touch himself over the sight.

The way Alison behaves in this scene as if knowing what is to happen next and communicates without words with only a sigh of disgust suggested that this has happened many times before. Well, we all knew Larys was creepy — he killed his father and brother to earn a high position in Westeros. But he manages to get even creepier with each episode.

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Clare Kilner, who directed Episode 9, described it to Entertainment Weekly as "looking at her feet and then having a wank, basically."

Speaking with the West of Westeros podcast, Kilner said that the idea of this character development came from Sara Hess, an executive producer of the series. Hess also went on to write most of the episode, which was purposely created as "intrusive and invasive". She also admitted that unlike other sex scenes in the show this one was filmed without the supervision of the intimacy coordinators. It was gross on purpose.

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The fans were deeply shocked by the scene, calling it "creepy and gross" and definitely "not on the bingo card" for the episode. The less sensible viewers are joking about Larys killing all his family for foot picks and Alicent inventing Onlyfans.

But it seemed like a perfect way to show through this truly unconventional "character development" that Alicent has a big price to pay for her intrigues and actions and the bill is most probably not on the table yet.