These 10 Dark Theories Will Change How You View Iconic Sitcoms

These 10 Dark Theories Will Change How You View Iconic Sitcoms
Image credit: Legion-Media, NBC

We watch sitcoms to laugh, and it's fun for the first time, but when you're rewatching your beloved show, you start picking up some small and seemingly insignificant details that may give you some disturbing context about the whole story.

Of course, it's all speculation and was never confirmed by the creators, but all these theories are pretty fun to think of.

The most interesting thing about it all is the correlation between how funny the sitcom is versus how dark the theory of its origin is.

Usually, the correlation is straightforward: the funniest sitcoms have the most horrific speculations going about their origins.

This is what makes it all even more fun; sure, some of the theories are too far-fetched and the evidence supporting them is not very solid, but it still works as a basis for a whole conspiracy to sprout and infect the minds of those who were bored with just simply rewatching the show and now want to entertain themselves by looking at the story through different lenses.

It's a way to entertain themselves while revisiting the same content, and the best thing is that it works perfectly. And who knows: maybe some of these theories are true.