This CGI Fail in Teen Wolf Movie Clip Left Fans Disappointed

This CGI Fail in Teen Wolf Movie Clip Left Fans Disappointed
Image credit: MTV

Sometimes practical effects just work better.

Teen Wolf: The Movie is coming out next year, so it can be safely assume that the work isn't done – and, sadly, it sort of shows in the newest clip, presented by Jeff Davis and the team behind the movie at yesterday's NYCC panel.

There's a lot of great moments in the clip, moments that had Teen Wolf fans engaged in some sort of guessing game almost immediately, with some new and frankly quite exciting fan theories surfacing. But, however great it was to watch Allison go toe to toe with dad!Derek (yes, it's a thing now), there's at least one scene in that clip that left fans baffled.

We're talking about the crucial moment here, the moment where Allison, realizing that Derek's getting away, shoots an arrow at him. Allison doesn't miss (of course she doesn't); the arrow cuts through the side of Derek's neck. In that moment we see Derek's blood just sort of spurting, and it's so blatantly CGI that it looks entirely too cheap and even kind of silly.

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This scene attracted some negative attention; almost all fans agree that it can be qualified as severely under-developed CGI that needed some additional work on it, with some going as far as saying that the CGI was "a disappointment" and extremely bad even by Teen Wolf somewhat lowered standards.

At least part of the problem was the apparent decision to rely less on practical effects and more on CGI – not the best way to go about something involving blood splatter. Maybe Teen Wolf creative team didn't want to put their actors through additional trouble again, seeing how pretty much everyone on the show was all too familiar with fake blood (and some – with how it tasted, which is just. Ew.)

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If Hollywood and streaming services taught us anything, it's that rushed releases are never work out in the end, so Teen Wolf movie premiere delay is actually a good thing, despite what some fans are saying. There's still enough time to fix some of the problems with how Teen Wolf: The Movie actually looks and maybe put some additional work hours into reshooting some scenes; according to Paramount+, the movie is set to premiere January 26, 2023.