This 'Ms. Marvel' Easter Egg Might Have Solved One of Episode 2 Mysteries

This 'Ms. Marvel' Easter Egg Might Have Solved One of Episode 2 Mysteries
Image credit: Legion-Media

It might not be the biggest mystery of the season, but still.

'Ms. Marvel' has already established a couple of mysterious storylines that are due to develop in the upcoming episodes. However, episode 2 had its own inside mystery that has not been solved… unless you are an eagle-eyed fan willing to grasp on the slightest hints the show offers.

Over the course of episode 2, Kamala Khan learns how to handle her newly-obtained superpowers properly. At some point, she gets a chance to show them off in a slightly less destructive way than she displayed at Avenger Con. She saves a boy from falling from a high tower by helping him out with the light platforms she now forms with the help of her bangle.

One of Kamala's platforms helps the boy stand firmly in the air, and we get to check out his Versace sneakers… wait a minute. Aren't those the very same shoes that Nakia left at the mosque at the beginning of the episode only to find out that a mysterious "shoe thief" stole them?

Well, if the observation is indeed an Easter egg, then the fact that the boy ended up slipping on the platforms and painfully landing on a car is not so bad after all. Still, it does highlight Kamala's lack of skill in miraculously saving people, even though she clearly struggles to give it her best shot.

The young superhero might want to hurry up a bit, as the shoe thief mystery is the least of her concerns. Kamala is certainly on track to learn more about her family and the origin of her powers while being hunted down by Officer P. Cleary and his partner Sadie Deever.

Following the big premiere on June 8, new episodes of 'Ms. Marvel' drop every Wednesday on Disney Plus.