'Thor: Love and Thunder' CGI is So Bad, Fans Now Making Memes About It

'Thor: Love and Thunder' CGI is So Bad, Fans Now Making Memes About It
Image credit: Legion-Media

Taika Waititi's blockbuster finally got its international premiere, and it looks like some of the CGI problems spotted in the trailer have been left unfixed.

The Chris Hemsworth-led film about Thor fighting his most powerful enemy, Gorr, has been wildly anticipated by millions of MCU fans around the world, but early reviews hint that all the hype surrounding the production has been somewhat false. Waititi and his creative team managed to create another solid blockbuster, but 'Love and Thunder' failed to turn over a new leaf for the franchise, becoming another good movie filled with thrills of grand battles and gorgeous scenery. But is 'Love and Thunder' actually successful at being a good-looking blockbuster?

According to some people who have already seen the movie on big screens – no. The CGI is still laughably bad, some of the green screens in the background are more distinct than the characters in front of them, and the visual effects look like they were taken from free version of Photoshop. And it seems that the reason for all this mess is Volume, Disney 's most valuable new technology, which has been marketed as the ultimate answer to all CGI problems. Except, not quite…

Some of the effects were so embarrassing that fans started comparing this $250 million blockbuster to the superhero series currently on The CW. Yes, it's that bad.

And there was no stopping fans from it: thousands of people mocked the CGI of 'Love and Thunder' by creating memes on Twitter.