Top 3 Uncomfortable Movies That Will Leave You Unsettled, According To Reddit

Top 3 Uncomfortable Movies That Will Leave You Unsettled, According To Reddit
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Prepare yourself for an unnerving experience.

Movies are not always a carefree pastime. Some of them offer a very uncomfortable viewing experience, leaving you with many philosophical questions to ponder.

If you're up for such a complex and unsettling story, these three movies are your best picks, according to fans on Reddit.

1. Oldboy (2003)

Set in 1988, Oldboy is a masterpiece by legendary Korean director Park Chan-wook.

Oh Dae-su, an ordinary and inconspicuous businessman, gets drunk on his way home on the day of his daughter's third birthday, gets in trouble, and ends up in the police station. A friend comes to pick him up, and while he calls the wife of the unfortunate drunk, Oh Dae-su disappears. The protagonist wakes up in a windowless cell where he spends the following 15 years, unable to escape.

Oldboy is an exploration of the human psyche and the depths of despair a person can sink to. The film is unapologetic in its depiction of violence, both physical and psychological, and pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable on screen.

The character development is strikingly realistic, forcing viewers to distance themselves from the emotional turmoil experienced by the protagonist.

2. Funny Games (1997)

This psychological thriller from Cannes' favorite director Michael Haneke is about a seemingly innocent family vacation that takes a sinister turn when two young men invade the home of the couple and subject them to sadistic mind games.

Funny Games is an unflinching take on violence and society's desensitization to it. Haneke deliberately breaks the fourth wall by addressing the audience directly, challenging viewers' voyeuristic tendencies and manipulating their expectations.

3. Come and See (1985)

Come and See is a Soviet war drama directed by Elem Klimov, set during World War II. The main character is Flyora, a teenager who digs up a carbine and decides to join the ranks of partisans resisting the Nazi occupation.

Within a short time span, the protagonist changes from an innocent youngster to a tired old man. The film is a terrifying and realistic story about the horrors of war and its devastating effect on the human soul, showing once again that bloodshed leaves no one untouched.

Source: Reddit