Two Characters Deemed "Cancer" For Yellowstone: "They're Both Disasters"

Two Characters Deemed
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If you are already a Beth hater, make it two.

Yellowstone season 5 may be breaking records in terms of viewership, but it certainly does not enjoy a lot of fan love over the past weeks. According to fans, it is only because of two characters who have already been dubbed "cancer" for the show.

The first one is Beth — pretty obvious choice, we know. Starting off as a femme fatale who had her haters and fans, she now appears to be hated by pretty much everyone.

The second "disastrous" character is her brother Jaime, who Beth hates, and the feeling is apparently mutual. Jamie had her sister sterilized after an abortion, but episode 4 has revealed that he has a kid of his own — something that makes Beth go ballistic and vow to destroy his life.

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Too much drama? That's exactly what Yellowstone fans on Reddit say as well. According to them, this toxic sibling stand-off has to end for the sake of the show finally getting better, as it is currently "tiring" to watch.

Due to Jamie and Beth, fans claim, the show has gone "soft" and "super predictable". In order to heat things up, at least one character has to go.

"I would love a murder suicide with her and Jamie, but I think one of them will live. Either Beth kills Jamie, or Beth dies trying to kill Jamie," Redditor Available_Repair609 suggested.

The fifth season of Yellowstone is set to consist of 14 episodes, so the show does have plenty of time to spice things up and listen to the fan criticism.

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It is not clear whether season 5 is going to wrap the story up, or if Paramount Network will greenlight Yellowstone for more seasons.