Unexpected MCU Character Appears in 'Ms. Marvel' Post-Credit Scene

Unexpected MCU Character Appears in 'Ms. Marvel' Post-Credit Scene
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The new show surprises us with cameos and possible cliffhangers straight away.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Ms. Marvel' episode 1

The very first post-credit scene in 'Ms. Marvel' welcomes a certain someone we may remember from 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'.

However, don't get your hopes too high: the character in question is Officer P. Cleary, the investigator from Department of Damage Control who looked into Spider-Man's role in the Battle of London.

He wasn't particularly friendly to Peter Parker or his friends, first appearing in Aunt May's apartment and then interrogating Peter and his friends at the precinct.

Unexpected MCU Character Appears in 'Ms. Marvel' Post-Credit Scene - image 1

A scene with Officer P. Cleary from 'Spider-Man: No Way Home', image credit: Marvel Studios

Kamala Khan does not seem to enjoy a warmer approach from him. At the end of episode 1, he and his fellow agent express great interest in Ms. Marvel after they know about her existence. And it's not like they crave an autograph or a selfie, rather going after Kamala to apprehend her over her superhuman abilities.

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Chances are that Cleary is going to be a villain in the series, or at least one of them. The next episodes could either introduce additional threats to Ms. Marvel, or perhaps tell more about the motivation of Cleary and his new partner, Sadie Deever.

The first episode of 'Ms. Marvel' premiered on Disney Plus on June 8. New episodes arrive each Wednesday.