Vecna Might Not Be The Strongest Villain in 'Stranger Things', Fan Theory Says

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Does it ever get better for the Hawkins gang?

Vecna is perhaps the most dangerous and threatening villain 'Stranger Things' has ever introduced, but many fans suspect that things might get even worse.

After the Mind Flayer, who was capable of corrupting one's mind, and Vecna, who targeted those tormented by their guilt and disfigured them, it would seem that hardly anything could be worse. But many fans believe that 'Stranger Things' might follow the path of 'Dungeons & Dragons', the board game the series took inspiration from.

In D&D, Vecna is not, in fact, the strongest villain – the honor is given to Borys, the Red Dragon. He is the greatest danger that players could face; and it just so happens that there is a character in season 4 who already acknowledged that – Will Byers.

Remember the picture Will drew for Mike, where the original Hawkins gang is depicted in their D&D personas? It is the red dragon they are fighting.

In the wake of how aware Will seems to be about everything Vecna-related, the gang might want to take a closer look at the picture and consider that Henry Creel might not be the biggest threat they face.

Some fans seem to be having second thoughts about Will's painting.

"Me after watching Season 4 finale: guess that paining didn't mean much after all...

Me, now: oh" – @ItsNathanGeorg1

If everything goes according to the painting, however, there is a chance that the gang defeats the dragon – apparently, led by the "heart" of the group, Mike Wheeler.

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