Vin Diesel to Bring Back Iconic Sci-Fi Franchise 10 Years After Its Finale

Vin Diesel to Bring Back Iconic Sci-Fi Franchise 10 Years After Its Finale
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As Fast & Furious is coming to a closure, Vin Diesel revives his unlikely sci-fi franchise by expanding the fan-beloved trilogy with the fourth installment.

For most fans, Vin Diesel ’s name is closely associated with the Fast & Furious franchise that, as divisive as it is, has been successfully running since 2001. But the F&F’s story ends with the upcoming 11th installment, and Diesel knows exactly what he wants to do next: he will bring back an overlooked yet beloved sci-fi movie series that has been deemed complete for over 10 years now.

Vin Diesel Is Working on Riddick: Furya

An ambiguous and divisive as the original Riddick trilogy was, it still has a solid fan base to this day, and Vin Diesel is planning to capitalize on that. According to Deadline, the star has already set all arrangements in place, and the production of the fourth installment titled Riddick: Furya begins on August 26, 2024.

David Twohy, the writer and director of the original trilogy, returns for the new installment, and Vin Diesel will reprise his role as the iconic anti-hero Richard B. Riddick. The movie will be filmed in Germany, Spain and the UK, and already has a strong team of producers from One Race Films, Rocket Science, and Thank You Studios.

What to Expect from Riddick: Furya?

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The original Riddick trilogy had a weird run: after the success of the first movie, the second tried to up the scale significantly and that decision didn’t yield too much of a result, so with the third installment basically repeated the first one’s story. The debut movie still remains the highest-rated with 60 and 77% Critic and Audience Scores on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively.

Seeing that Vin Diesel learned the lesson about scaling the Riddick movies, we’re expecting him to keep the fourth installment’s setting reasonably small and confined. The plot of the upcoming movie sees Riddick finally return to his home planet dreading that his people are dead, find them alive but struggling to survive against the monstrosities that roam Furya, and join them in their fight for the future.

So, the first movie all over again but with a new backdrop and character development for Riddick. Don’t know about you, but we like the premise so far.

Source: Deadline