We May Meet Benedict Bridgerton's Love Interest In S3 (But He May Not)

We May Meet Benedict Bridgerton's Love Interest In S3 (But He May Not)
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Be on the lookout for anyone dressed in silver.


  • Bridgerton is a Netflix romantic period drama based on Julia Quinn's book series of the same name.
  • Like the books, each season of the show follows one of the Bridgerton siblings.
  • Since season 3 will tell the story of Colin Bridgerton, fans believe that Benedict Bridgerton could be next.
  • For that to happen, his love interest will have to be introduced in season 3.

There are way too many questions surrounding season 3 of Bridgerton right now. From the release date itself to every little subplot of every Bridgerton sibling and other character that has appeared on the show. The fanbase has far too many favorites not to care about each and every one of them and want to find out more.

While the romance between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington, the third son and third daughter, is already confirmed and leaves no major questions unanswered, everyone else is under the keen eye of the entire fanbase. This is especially true for those Bridgertons who are most likely to become the next heirs to the lead role.

For season 4, that would be Eloise Bridgerton and her older brother Benedict. Both stories are as beloved by fans as the others, with only one major difference between them. While Eloise's future love interest was already introduced in the series, Benedict's still wasn't.

This is one of the biggest revelations his fans are eagerly awaiting in season 4.

Will Sophie Beckett Be In Bridgerton Season 3?

We May Meet Benedict Bridgerton's Love Interest In S3 (But He May Not) - image 1

If we decide to believe that no major love interest of either sibling will change, and it will still be Sophie for Benedict, and not Sebastian or Samuel as some viewers hoped, there is a chance that we will see her in season 3. But just like with Eloise, the audience may be the only one who knows, while Benedict himself will still be in the dark about his fate.

As much as many hope to see the scene of a masked ball where Benedict meets the mysterious Lady in Silver and falls in love with her on the spot, it is less likely that we will see it. Especially since all of the balls are important to the leading couples and are mostly catered to them.

There is a much bigger chance for us to get a slight mention of the Penwood family and get a glimpse of their maid at their house. That would certainly be just a couple of frames with no major introduction, but that would be a gesture wide enough to remind all Benophie fans that they aren’t forgotten and that their Cinderella-type love story is still in plans.

No matter how Sophie will be introduced to viewers, it will not be possible without finally getting a release date for season 3.

Unfortunately, as of now, both Netflix and Shondaland continue to keep viewers in the dark with no updates. So keep an eye out for any important announcements in the future.