'Werewolf By Night' Rumored To Be Finally Unveiled At SDCC

'Werewolf By Night' Rumored To Be Finally Unveiled At SDCC
Image credit: Marvel Studios

It looks like the MCU's supernatural Disney+ special will finally be introduced to the public, and it happen sooner than expected.

Sand Diego Comic-Con is finally upon us, and it seems that Marvel Studios has decided to go at it in full force, preparing a rich selection of interesting films and series. But the most enigmatic project, without a doubt, is 'Werewolf by Night ', an hour-long special led by Gael Garcia Bernal that tells the story of the life of a real MCU werewolf. It sounds pretty cheesy, but this character had quite a few interesting storylines in the original Marvel comics, so this little project could prove to be quite fruitful. Plus, this special is rumored to be the basis for the upcoming 'Blade' movie, which immediately makes it a must-see.

Even though the special has already been filmed, Kevin Feige has yet to confirm its existence, which of course has left fans very puzzled. Does 'Werewolf by Night' really exist, or is it just fan fiction? According to one reliable source, the special does exist and will be finally confirmed during the Marvel panel at Comic-Con this year.

Fans are expecting the special for many reasons – it will deepen the supernatural elements of the MCU, introduce new and interesting characters like Elsa Bloodstone, and is also rumored to contain horror elements. Not your typical Marvel Studios project, is it?

"I'm gonna be honest. When we first heard about this Werewolf By Night Halloween special, I couldn't be more indifferent. I just didn't care enough about the character and I was like "Ok. It's just a holiday special sort of thing. How important is this thing really going to be?". But with all the rumors that they're going to introduce a lot of supernatural characters, I'm actually pretty excited now. The mystical/supernatural side of the MCU is my favorite (until we get more mutants & X-Men stuff), so I'm definitely here for it." – /regmckie.