What's Next For the DCEU on HBO Max? Fans Reveal Their Favorite Ideas For Possible Shows

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HBO Max currently serves as the home for many DC series, including 'Titans', 'Doom Patrol' and the recent James Gunn-produced 'Peacemaker'. And as the popularity of these shows has peaked, fans have decided to speculate on where the DCEU franchise might go next in its television department.

DC's close counterpart, Marvel, is already actively expanding its presence on television: Disney + series, including 'Moon Knight' and 'Loki', have become favorites for many MCU fans. DC is still lagging behind this trend, releasing only one TV show connected to their cinematic universe, 'Peacemaker'. Fans desperately want their favorite superhero powerhouse to introduce new characters and stories through HBO Max, offering Warner Bros. some great ideas on how to do it.

In a discussion on Reddit fans were able to narrow down the characters most worthy of their own TV show, and the list of favorites was quite unexpected.

Many fans are in favor of Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Melchior) getting her own spin-off series, noting that not only is she the one of a few surviving members of the Suicide Squad, but also she has a great backstory and is beloved by many DC fans. If James Gunn decides to lead this possible series, fans will be more than happy to see Ratcatcher 2 in her own miniseries.

Some fans are demanding a series devoted to a yet unknown DCEU character, Victor Sage (also known as The Question in DC comics), a famous detective who tries to solve many conspiracies without any special abilities. The comics showed Sage as the perfect protagonist, so fans' hopes of seeing him on a small screen are understandable.

Justice League Dark is another major contender for the title of most wanted screen adaptation. Many fans can't wait to see a team of supervillains and anti-heroes team up for a TV adventure. Consisting of John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Swamp Thing and many others, this extraordinary team is sure to be a terrific live-action spectacle after decades of interesting storylines developed in the comics.

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