Will Johanna Constantine Return in The Sandman Season 2? Looks Like Yes

Will Johanna Constantine Return in The Sandman Season 2? Looks Like Yes
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This is not a spinoff yet, but still something.

With The Sandman being finally greenlit by Netflix for season 2, fans can't simply be celebrating, they also need to know whether all of their favorites are returning in the chapter to come.

Johanna Constantine, who is portrayed in the show by Jenna Coleman, has quickly become a fan favorite despite only appearing in two episodes of the first season. She reprises the role of both modern-day Johanna Constantine who encounters Morpheus as he searches for his lost tools, and Lady Johanna Constantine, her ancestor — who also happens to have met Dream several centuries ago.

One could doubt that Johanna will return in the new season, but it looks like Jenna Coleman herself has provided an explicit hint that fans should expect her character to put that trench coat back on.

The plot of the upcoming season 2 remains a mystery, but fans already have a couple of ideas how the show can bring Johanna Constantine back into the narrative. One possibility is that Morpheus' adventures in the 18th century will be addressed once again. Another chance is that the modern Johanna will play a significant role when Gwendoline Christie 's Lucifer will inevitably step back in the game after Dream humiliated her in season 1.

Fans love Coleman's character so much they have already pitched the idea of a separate Johanna Constantine spinoff — a suggestion that even the series author, Neil Gaiman, appeared to have supported. However, there are no news on that as of now.

The premiere date for The Sandman season 2 remains to be scheduled.