Women Taking Over The MCU, And Fans Are Loving It

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More and more diverse female characters have stepped into the Marvel Cinematic Universe recently, and it looks like the studio has no plans to stop.

Despite all the hate and criticism, MCU welcomes more and more powerful female characters, finally allowing women to not only be love interests, but also leads, villains, heroines, tech geniuses and literally whoever they want.

We have Wanda Maximoff, who has an army of fans ready to worship her despite how questionable her decisions are. We have Jane Foster, whose brief appearance in the 'Thor' sequel trailer has already caused waves among many fans. They follow the lead of many female Marvel characters who paved the way: Natasha Romanoff, Pepper Potts, Yelena Belova alongside others.

And fans cannot be more proud.

Of course, not all of them; some people still take issue with female characters being introduced to MCU, claiming they are just copies of male heroes.

But it is more of an unpopular opinion.

The majority of fans think that the strong female community in MCU is long overdue.

Among the movies and shows that feature both familiar and new female characters, there are 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' that will delve into the story of Wanda Maximoff as well as Steven Strange; 'Thor: Love and Thunder' introducing Jane Foster as Mighty Thor; TV series 'Ms. Marvel' that will start the superhero journey of young Kamala Khan in MCU'.

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