Wonder Woman Won't Save The Day: Ben Affleck Shares Details Of The Flash Cut Scene

Wonder Woman Won't Save The Day: Ben Affleck Shares Details Of The Flash Cut Scene
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The highly anticipated The Flash movie that is supposed to relaunch the whole DC movie universe is almost upon us and finally some details emerge about its deleted scenes.

Under the new reign at DCU with James Gunn at its helm, some adjustments were made to the upcoming The Flash movie.

Namely, two cameos have apparently been cut from the final version of the movie, as James Gunn and Peter Safran's new DC plan aims to cut all ties to the "old" DC universe sooner rather than later.

One of them featured Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. At last, we know what would have occurred in said scene.

While promoting his new movie Air, Ben Affleck went on to Smartless Podcast where he shared some previously unknown aspects of the deleted scenes.

Turns out, the cut Wonder Woman cameo was meant to be a pretty significant one, since there Wonder Woman was supposed to save Batman 's life.

Affleck didn't go into much details, revealing, however, that there was in fact a cut scene that would've seen Wonder Woman saving Batfleck with her Lasso of Truth. Well, as epic as it sounds, this could be a scene fans might never get to see.

Another filmed cameo appearance that has been cut from the upcoming The Flash movie would have featured Superman.

While it is certainly fascinating to know what exactly would have taken place in those cut scenes, perhaps witnessing them in the theaters with our own eyes might have been slightly better.

Fans on Reddit are not happy either, not shy with words towards those who decided to cut the scene.

Those who are less emotional note that if the studio is "doing an even harder reboot, they want the ending of the film to not really carry anything forward from either timeline."

So, the ties to the old DC movie universe will be cut and apparently there's nothing fans can do now.

Whether those sacrifices pay off, fans will be able to see for themselves this June, when The Flash hits the theatres.